#Personal Training

19. August 2022

No pain, no gain – does training have to hurt to be effective?

No pain, no gain - that's what many athletes seem to believe. But is it really true? Does training have to involve physical or emotional agony if it is to be effective?

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10. July 2022

4 tips for sports in the heat! Enjoy the workout despite the heat

Ensure sufficient fluid intake: After getting up, care should be taken to drink around 2 liters of water in the first four to five hours. 

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10. April 2022

Overtraining – and how you can recognize it

Do you sometimes feel exhausted and listless after a hard week of training and your training performance stagnates or you even lose weight? Then it could be due to overtraining.

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03. January 2022

Belly fat - how to get rid of it?

This is the saying that almost every one of our customers hears. At the beginning, our customers are often skeptical, so much food? Then I'm gaining weight. NO!!!! You will not gain weight, on the contrary.

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