ARB Fitness Personal Training: Your personal trainer in the canton of Zug
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    Personal Training

    Personal training offers you tailor-made effectiveness with fixed appointments and first-class support. If you are looking for targeted, personalized training, this is the perfect choice for you.


    Small Group Personal Training

    Are you looking for a more affordable alternative to personal training, but with the same benefits such as customized training plans, expert guidance from a fitness coach and access to first-class equipment? See for yourself in a trial training session.


    Burn – the ultimate group training

    Burn - the dynamic group workout where you achieve more together. If you enjoy versatile workouts in a group, then come to a no-obligation trial training session and experience the difference!


    Nutritional Counseling

    Our nutritional advice uses detailed diagnostics and scientific approaches to create a nutrition plan tailored to you that takes both physical signals and mental needs into account.


    Online Coaching

    Do you prefer flexible and targeted training from anywhere? With our online coaching, you'll receive a progressive training plan that enables you to achieve sustainable success, no matter where you are.


    12 weeks Body Transformation Program

    Transform your body in just 12 weeks. With our body transformation program. Achieve visible results faster than ever before. Our science-based 12-week program sets new standards in body transformation.

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