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  • No pain, no gain – does training have to hurt to be effective?

    19. August 2022

    No pain, no gain – does training have to hurt to be effective?

    No pain, no gain - that's what many athletes seem to believe. But is it really true? Does training have to involve physical or emotional agony if it is to be effective?

    IS NOT TRUE! Training doesn't have to hurt to be effective.

    Scientists basically distinguish between three types of pain:

    • Warning pain: arises from overstraining (e.g., sore muscles)
    • Alarm pain: most common in everyday life; arises from inflammation (e.g., toothache). e.g., toothache).
    • Injury pain: rather rare; arises, e.g., in the case of a torn tendon or a fracture

    One thing is certain, however: you always have to get out of your comfort zone and make an effort. Only then can you develop, improve and achieve success. So just loosely unwinding a number of repetitions without pulling a face and without losing a drop of sweat is not enough.

    It is not pain, but targeted action that brings success: the principle of the effective load stimulus is the solution. Depending on the training goal and training condition, a different level of stimulus should be selected. In addition, care should be taken to ensure a clean technique and correct execution for each exercise.

    So strain, sweat and also overcome sometimes yes, but do not specifically seek pain!

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