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  • Overtraining – and how you can recognize it

    10. April 2022

    Overtraining – and how you can recognize it

    Do you sometimes feel exhausted and listless after a hard week of training and your training performance stagnates or you even lose weight? Then it could be due to overtraining.

    Regular training is an essential part of a healthy and active lifestyle. But: Just as there is such a thing as too little training, sometimes there is also a bit too much of a good thing. If you train too often and too hard without giving your body enough time to recover, sooner or later you will reach the so-called overtraining. This manifests itself in various symptoms.

    You can recognize possible overtraining by these symptoms.

    • Loss of appetite, fatigue
    • increased susceptibility to infections
    • Irritability
    • Lack of concentration
    • reduced fitness
    • prolonged rest
    • Gastrointestinal complaints
    • increased risk of injury
    • increased or pronounced decrease in resting heart rate
    • increased energy metabolism
    • Weight loss
    • Sleep disorders
    • worsened coordination -> technique -> risk of injury
    • Fatigue fracture

    So if such symptoms occur during or after a particularly training-intensive phase, better take a break for several days.

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