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  • Belly fat - how to get rid of it?

    03. January 2022

    Belly fat - how to get rid of it?

    This is the saying that almost every one of our customers hears. At the beginning, our customers are often skeptical, so much food? Then I'm gaining weight. NO!!!! You will not gain weight, on the contrary.

    Our body needs a lot of energy and nutrients. This energy and nutrients we get exclusively through food in which we eat enough and properly.

    With diets and omitting whole macronutrients (such as) fat, we let our body literally starve and our hormones go crazy.

    So if you want to keep your body happy, lose body fat and keep your hormones balanced, give your body the optimal nutrients in the form of really good food.

    Nutritional counseling is an integral part of our personal training. Nutrition and exercise are two of the most important building blocks for a healthy life. Optionally, it can also be booked separately. You can find all information about our nutritional counseling here.

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