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    Achieve your fitness goals
    with individual training
    and coaching in the heart of Zug.

    As former professional triathlon and ice hockey athletes, we bring a unique perspective to our personal training studio in Zug.
    With customized training plans and individual attention, we aim to improve every aspect of your fitness. Our approach is simple: whether you want to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or simply improve your overall fitness, we offer you the expertise and equipment to achieve your goals. We focus on sustainability and long-term success because we believe that everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, has the right to progress and achieve their personal best. Your success is our priority and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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    Personal Training

    Personal training offers you tailor-made effectiveness with fixed appointments and first-class support. If you are looking for targeted, personalized training, this is the perfect choice for you.


    Small Group Personal Training

    Are you looking for a more affordable alternative to personal training, but with the same benefits such as customized training plans, expert guidance from a fitness coach and access to first-class equipment? See for yourself in a trial training session.


    Burn – the ultimate group training

    Burn - the dynamic group workout where you achieve more together. If you enjoy versatile workouts in a group, then come to a no-obligation trial training session and experience the difference!


    Nutritional Counseling

    Our nutritional advice uses detailed diagnostics and scientific approaches to create a nutrition plan tailored to you that takes both physical signals and mental needs into account.


    Fitness entry check

    The initial check-up with a thorough medical history is crucial for your training success. Through a comprehensive assessment of your fitness and health, we define your exact starting point in order to develop the ideal training program for you.


    12 weeks Body Transformation Program

    Transform your body in just 12 weeks. With our body transformation program. Achieve visible results faster than ever before. Our science-based 12-week program sets new standards in body transformation.


    Meet the Team

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    We want to see where you stand so we know how to take you further. Through various tests we analyze mobility, posture and movement patterns. This way we create the optimal program for you.


    You get a personalized nutrition plan. We create a strategy that fits your lifestyle and the goals you set.

    Periodized Workouts

    Our workouts are organized, pre-planned and take into account your individual assessment and goal. In the top equipped ARB Fitness personal training studio, you will learn the proper technique for each exercise.

    Supervised Training

    Each of your workouts at ARB is supervised by one of our coaches. Every set, every repetition should be done according to your individual periodization. We make sure that your training gets the maximum quality.

    Feel good in the
    Premium ambience

    State-of-the-art training equipment on 330 sqm, exclusive location for your private training with unique equipment. You train in a private ambience. No waiting. No unnecessary distractions. 100% focus on your training.

    Centrally located studio

    Our personal training studio is only a few minutes by car from Zug, Cham, Baar, Rotkreuz and all surrounding communities. Free parking is available for our clients in front of the studio.

    Lose weight healthily and
    Reduce body fat!

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    What our customers say about us

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Roger Lodewick

    Anina (the owner and driving force behind ARB Fitness), is a super engaged and professional personal trainer. She's genuinely great at explaining and guiding you through a very fun and tailored training process/program. Her new gym has all the latest equipment and feels very complete in an intimate and personal environment. Thanks a lot for keeping me fit!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Edward Evans

    First class personal training. Very professional instructors with personal approach. The tailored programs are challenging but enjoyable. The gym and equipment are also excellent.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Francisco Otero

    Great gym with incredibly friendly and knowledgeable trainers. Facility is well-equipped and clean.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pascale Schmid-Corpataux

    Ich bin keine Spitzensportlerin, aber auf meinen Körper zu achten, ist für mich wichtig. Mein Training bei ARB ist zielgerichtet, und wenn ich begleitet werde, mache ich Fortschritte, und das macht echt Spass. Das Team ist sehr sympatisch und immer freundlich.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Arne Fischmann

    Seit 20 Jahren war ich in verschiedenen Fitnessstudios und Krafträumen, habe von zahlreichen Trainern die Pläne erstellt bekommen und Anleitungen wie ich die Übungen auszuführen habe. Dazu habe ich viele online Kurse gesehen und mich über Krafttraining weitergebildet. Danach war ich der Meinung, dass ich ein Personal Training nicht brauche, schliesslich hat keiner dieser Trainer mir etwas wirklich hilfreiches weitergegeben, das ich nicht schon vorher gewusst hätte. Dann hat mir meine Frau einen Monat Training bei ARB geschenkt und ich bin überzeugt! René und Peter stellen auf meine Wünsche angepasste Pläne zusammen die meine Schwächen perfekt erkennen und ausbalancieren. Training der kleinen stabilisierenden Muskeln führen zu riesigen Gewinnen was Kraft und Gesundheit angeht. Das Training bei ARB ist nicht billig aber jeden Franken wert. Wer wirklich Interesse an Fortschritten hat und bis ins hohe Alter Fit bleiben will, ist bei ARB sicher gut aufgehoben. Ich habe jedenfalls das Abo sofort verlängert.

    Frequently asked questions and answers about training can be found here:


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