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    We use detailed nutritional diagnostics and scientific methods to create your tailor-made nutrition plan. Using questionnaires about your needs and regeneration, we uncover what your body is signaling and how your mind is compensating. Learn how to optimize your energy management through individual strategies and get closer to your goals. At ARB Fitness, we don't just offer nutritional advice, but a unique combination of nutrition, exercise and recovery for your success.

    Our services

    • Medical history
    • Caliper measurement / BIA measurement
    • Questionnaire on mental stress and compensation behavior
    • Evaluation - actual/target status (target and case presentation)
    • Nutrition and training planning
    Nutritional Counseling

    From body fat measurement to lifestyle management

    Together we will analyze your current situation by determining your body fat percentage with the help of caliper measurement. The distribution of body fat provides information on how well your body is supplied with nutrients and whether there is a possible oversupply or undersupply.

    Using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA analysis), we derive the composition of your body from the values created by the resistance to the weak alternating current.

    First, we will analyze your body composition. The results provide information about your body fat percentage and the distribution of fat on your body. The data is then evaluated and prioritized. This allows conclusions to be drawn about your hormonal balance. The system is based on the fact that body fat distribution is hormonally determined. This means that the place where you primarily store body fat indicates a certain problem. This has a decisive impact on progress in terms of body fat reduction, muscle building and performance. Body fat measurement is quick, uncomplicated, painless and very efficient. It is therefore an ideal tool for recording your progress in figures.

    The methods used are scientifically tested and recognized. A comprehensive questionnaire on your habits, regeneration, needs, eating habits and any complaints provides a holistic insight into your situation. Unconscious behavioral patterns or beliefs, such as the assumption that "carbohydrates make you fat", have a significant influence on our eating habits. Successful nutritional optimization requires becoming aware of and changing such patterns, which is why our nutritional advice comes in a package with additional check-ups to support you on your path in the long term. In joint discussions, we define your current condition and goals. You will receive a detailed nutrition plan and training suggestions to help you effortlessly integrate your new eating habits into your everyday life.


    How to get started with us

    First contact
    You register for a nutrition consultation via the booking system or by contacting us.

    After registering, you will receive a link from us with which you must activate your account. Please check your details again. We will then ask you to complete the anamnesis, the questionnaire on regeneration and the questionnaire on your needs. You can come to our appointments in normal work clothes.

    1. Appointment: A 90-minute initial consultation incl. caliper & BIA measurement, mindset & stress evaluation, + individual nutrition & training recommendation

    2. Appointment: After 4 weeks a follow-up appointment incl. Caliper & BIA measurement, mindset & stress evaluation + individual nutrition & training recommendation

    3. Appointment: After 8 weeks, second follow-up appointment incl. Caliper & BIA measurement, mindset & stress evaluation + individual nutrition & training recommendation

    4. Appointment: After 12 weeks, third follow-up appointment incl. Caliper & BIA measurement, mindset & stress evaluation + individual nutrition & training recommendation

    Interaction: Exclusive Whatsapp chat, weekly check-ins with questionnaires

    Your investment:
    CHF 899.-

    Duration of the support:
    approx. 3 months

    Follow-up appointment

    If you would like further support after your package, then the follow-up Check Up is exactly what you need.

    Your investment:
    CHF 180

    If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, then book your appointment here now:

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    Nutritional Counseling

    In 12 weeks, you'll wish

    you had started today.

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