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1. initial consultation, trial training and initial check-up

Thank you for your request. Are you interested in personal training or another training? As an initial consultation, there is an initial check for all new customers. We do not offer any test training in the classic sense of personal training, as we do not yet know the customer with all his particularities sufficiently and can therefore not make an individual exercise selection and load control.

During the initial check-up, we take various measurements, including mobility tests and a body fat measurement, fill out a health questionnaire, define your goals, see what appointment options you have and what is in your budget. Afterwards, we decide together which combination of training and nutritional advice suits you best and you receive initial tips on how to achieve your goals.

Bring along: Sport clothes. If desired, we will take photos for before/after comparison.

The entrance check lasts 45-60min and costs 150 CHF.

Alternatively, you can come in for a no-obligation, 15-minute consultation. Here we can discuss together how I can help you and you can get a first impression of the studio.

Parking is directly in front of the building and marked "ARB".

2. Can I train alone in the studio without a personal trainer?

No, we are not a public gym. We believe that you train much more efficiently and purposefully with a competent trainer by your side. Therefore, only appointments with a trainer are possible.

3. i have physical limitations, can i still come to the training?

Yes! Due to the well-equipped studio and the intensive support, we have the possibility to adapt everything and tailor it individually to the customer. So you can train optimally despite limitations of any kind.

4. how long and how often do I need to train to make progress?

The minimum training duration with us is 3 months and a minimum of twice a week. Thus, an optimum of the training stimuli is extracted and you reach the goals much faster. Likewise, depending on the goal, one can work specifically only after a basic build-up, so a minimum number of completed training sessions is necessary. In special cases you can adjust the frequency if necessary (long journey etc.).

5. what is different with you than with another personal trainer?

A big advantage is the studio where we do all the training. We are as well equipped as hardly any other personal trainer and have all the necessary equipment on site to work individually and very specifically. This way we achieve the best results in a very short time. Another point is our experience in sports. See our training courses.

6. what are the payment options?

It can be paid by bank transfer, cash and card on site (without Postcard). The trainings are settled as an advance payment. In exceptional cases there is a possibility to arrange individual payment terms.

7. i am interested in personal training or other training how can i start?

The first thing we do with every new client for personal training or small group training is the initial consultation. In this initial check we fill out a health questionnaire, do various tests and measurements, see what fits best in terms of budget and schedule and define your goal. Afterwards, we decide together which type of subscription best suits your needs.

8. i don't live or work nearby, is there still a possibility to be looked after?

Yes, there is the possibility of coaching, whereby appointments on site with a measurement, discussion and the training introduction, only take place every 3-4 weeks. You train on an independent basis in a gym or at home, with an individually prepared training plan, and give me regular updates via email between appointments. For clients from abroad or with a very long journey, there is the option of online coaching without an on-site appointment. Here you will receive all the necessary guidelines, such as training and nutrition planning by mail.

9. can I postpone training dates?

Yes! If you are unable to attend, you can reschedule appointments and they will be "saved" for later. Appointments can be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise they will be charged. Exceptions are emergencies.

10. is there a possibility to come to personal training in pairs or threes?

Yes, this is possible. You can come to the small group personal training in twos or threes or we also have the possibility to arrange individual appointments in twos or threes. The prices for two are 75% and for three 65% of the regular price. Each person receives an individual plan as with the regular 1:1 training. The appointments can then only be used in the previously agreed constellation.

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