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  • Weight loss and body fat reduction - why does it often seem so challenging?

    12. January 2024

    Weight loss and body fat reduction - why does it often seem so challenging?

    Losing weight and reducing body fat can be a real challenge. Many have tried numerous methods to reduce their body fat, but often without long-term success. The lack of motivation, courage and energy to start losing weight is another common obstacle.

    We are experts in weight loss and know that it can be difficult without the right help. We have a lot of experience in weight loss, fat reduction and body toning and want to help you achieve your desired weight.

    The idea of losing weight quickly, like "5kg in a week", is often not realistic. Weight gain happens over months or years, so losing weight doesn't happen overnight. Every kilo of body fat corresponds to around 7000 calories. Even if you eat 1000 calories less a day - which is not advisable - it takes a week to lose just one kilo of fat. So losing weight quickly is not realistic.

    Eating too little or eating an unbalanced diet can damage your body. Problems such as difficulty concentrating, poor sleep and a bad mood are warning signs. Extreme diets can even make fat loss more difficult and reduce muscle mass.

    Many diets and products such as weight loss pills or extremely low-carb plans promise quick results, but are often unsustainable or even harmful. It is important to have an individual, long-term plan that suits your body. Many diet plans and products are not scientifically proven and are difficult to implement in everyday life.

    That's why we offer the following: Our nutritional advice is based on accurate diagnostics and scientific methods to create a diet plan that suits you and takes both physical and mental needs into account. Everyone is different and needs an individual approach to lose weight effectively and permanently. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that brings long-term success.

    You can find all information about our nutritional advicehere.

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