• Fitness entry check

    Fitness entrance check

    A good anamnesis -

    guarantor for your

    training success

    At ARB Fitness, we focus on a comprehensive assessment of your fitness so we can get you in shape in a targeted way. The initial checkup helps us to define your starting point more precisely. At ARB Fitness, we start by taking a close look at your body during the initial checkup. It helps us to get an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your body as well as your athletic and health conditions. A detailed medical history before the start of training is therefore indispensable when it comes to finding the right training program for you.

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    Is the entrance check obligatory?

    The entrance check is a prerequisite to participate in our personal training or small group personal training. The check lasts 60 minutes and costs CHF 180. When you sign up for a subscription of at least 3 months. The amount will be credited to you.

    Alternatively, you can come by for a non-binding, 15-minute meeting to get to know each other. Here we can discuss how I can help you and you can get a first impression of the studio.

    What do I need to take with me?

    Sports clothes. If desired, we will take a photo for the before/after comparison.

    Fitness entry check

    In 12 weeks, you'll wish

    you had started today.

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