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Sport and exercise have accompanied me since my childhood, and I have participated in a wide variety of sports. I came into contact with triathlon at the age of 14 and pursued this sport intensively for 10 years. I was a member of the Swiss national team for 7 years. After my career, I stopped my sporting activities and started a family. The 3-year withdrawal from sports and the 2 pregnancies left their mark on me. I felt dissatisfied, unbalanced and empty inside. I knew then that I urgently had to change something. I started doing sport again in small doses, not at a top level but with the necessary fun factor. The joy of sport quickly returned. My body and mind also changed positively. The joy of movement led me to try out new training methods and types of training and thus to develop myself further in the field of movement and to deepen my knowledge. In 2015, I therefore started my training to become a certified personal trainer, which I successfully completed with a diploma in spring 2016. ARB Fitness has also been Qualicert certified since 1 January 2017. With this certification, you can claim prevention contributions for my services from your health insurance with the corresponding additional insurance.


  • Assess & Correct Module 1 and 2, Felix Kade & Sebastian Schäfer, Cologne
  • comprehensive testing strategies for upper body & spine (cervical, shoulder, elbow, wrist & lumbar) Module 1
  • comprehensive testing strategies for lower body & radiating complaints (ISG, hip, knee, ankle, radiculopathy, radicular pain) Module 2
  • appropriate training interventions
  • The recognition of serious pathologies and what to do
  • basic principles that make testing & training goal-oriented
  • Recognize and understand correlations in the input test


  • Coach the Coach, Tobias Kriehuber, Mannheim
  • Focus on women's health


  • One-year mentorship training at Continuum Strength and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Coach the Coach Mentorship, Tobias Kriehuber, Mannheim
  • The Intelligent Performance System LV 1, Intelligent Coach Daniel Ebert and Performance Center Ulm
  • Online Periodization Course, KILO Stephane Cazeault, USA
  • Online Program Design Course, KILO Stephane Cazeault, USA
  • Program Design and Periodization, Continuum Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Methods and Techniques PT, Continuum Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Methods Advanced, Continuum Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Individualized nutrition, Online Course, YPSI Stuttgart


  • Expert in preventive and sports nutrition according to ERPSE, graduation with diploma
  • Testing and Therapy, Continuum Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Nutrition and micronutrients, Continumm Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn


  • Applied Anatomy, Release Fitness, Germany
  • Fatloss Seminar, Semper Fi Body Concept, Baden
  • Principles of hypertrophy training, Semper Fi Body Concept, Baden


  • Rehabilitative knee training, SAFS Zurich
  • Various other courses and trainings, SAFS Zurich


  • Dipl. Personal Trainer, SAFS Zurich, graduation with diploma

2015 and earlier

  • Military sports director (top sports RS 2005/2006 Andermatt/Magglingen)
  • 7 years member of the Swiss national team (triathlon)
  • 10 years of top sport experience triathlon

Professional Skills

Rehab training 90%
90% Complete
Athletic training 50%
50% Complete
Nutritional counselling 90%
90% Complete
Strength training 90%
90% Complete
Endurance training 80%
80% Complete
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