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Sport has been my passion since I was a child. My great passion was and is ice hockey. In my 21 years as a professional ice hockey player, I spent many hours in the weight room and gained valuable experience there. The whole thing fascinated me a lot and so I started to train in the strength/athletics area parallel to ice hockey. My new passion besides ice hockey is now helping people to live a fitter, healthier and more efficient life.



  • Assess & Correct Module 1 and 2, Felix Kade & Sebastian Schäfer, Cologne
  • comprehensive testing strategies for upper body & spine (cervical, shoulder, elbow, wrist & lumbar) Module 1
  • comprehensive testing strategies for lower body & radiating complaints (ISG, hip, knee, ankle, radiculopathy, radicular pain) Module 2
  • appropriate training interventions
  • The recognition of serious pathologies and what to do
  • basic principles that make testing & training goal-oriented
  • Recognize and understand correlations in the input test


  • High Performance Soccer Conditioning, Daniel Knebel
  • Energy Systems, Continuum Strength and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Ice hockey player EHC Kloten, Swiss League


  • Mentorship at Continuum Strength and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Online Periodization Course, KILO Stephane Cazeault, USA
  • Online Program Design Course, KILO Stephane Cazeault, USA
  • Methods Advanced, Continuum Strenght and Health AG, Solothurn
  • Individualized nutrition, Online Course, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Ice hockey player EHC Kloten, Swiss League


  • YPSI Trainer B-Linzenz, Stuttgart
  • Berfor'n After Bootcamp Seminar, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Functional anatomy and exercise execution, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Program Design, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Hormones and skin fold measurement, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Movement analysis & injury pre/rehabilitation, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Sports Specific Training & Business, YPSI Stuttgart
  • Ice hockey player EHC Kloten, Swiss League

2018 and earlier

  • Military sports director (top sports RS 2005/2006 Andermatt/Magglingen)
  • Ice hockey players, National League and Swiss League

Professional Skills

Rehab training 50%
50% Complete
Athletic training 90%
90% Complete
Nutritional counselling 50%
50% Complete
Strength training 90%
90% Complete
Endurance training 50%
50% Complete
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