FAQ 12 week body transformation program

  • What does the 12-week Body Transformation Program include?
    • Initial consultation & weekly review
    • Medical history incl. testing
    • Location & target determination
    • Skin fold measurement & BIA measurement
    • Nutritional advice including an individual nutrition plan to support your goals
    • 3 personal training sessions per week, individually tailored to you
    • 2 interval training sessions that you carry out independently in our studio
    • Intermediate measurements every 4 weeks to track and adjust your progress
    • 24/7 personal & professional support
    • Towel
    • Pre/post-workout shake
  • Are 12 weeks enough to build muscle?

    Yes, 12 weeks can be enough to build muscle mass, especially if the training and diet are targeted. During this time, beginners can often make rapid progress, while experienced exercisers may see less noticeable changes. Effectiveness also depends on various individual factors such as genetic predisposition, training intensity, diet and recovery. However, with a well-planned program and a dedicated approach, it is entirely possible to make visible progress in building muscle in 12 weeks.

  • How much fat can I expect to lose in three months?

    This depends entirely on your starting point and how hard you are willing or able to train. The heavier you are to start with, the more likely you are to lose more weight at first, compared to someone who already has relatively low body fat.

    How much fat you lose also depends on how big a calorie deficit you create, which in turn depends on your lifestyle, preferences and time frame. For example, there are limits to how far you can cut calories without jeopardizing your health if you have a very busy schedule and can't do much extra activity outside of your gym workouts.

    Therefore, you may have to accept a slower change than someone who has a lot of free time to do extra activities like steps. However, based on our extensive data, statistically most of our clients lose at least 10% of their total weight in the first three months.

  • How much muscle can I expect to build?

    It all depends on the individual; your gender, genetics, diet, training and recovery all play an important role in building and maintaining muscle mass. If you've never started resistance training before, you'll probably find that you make significant progress in the first three months of training.

    The longer you train, the more likely it is that the rate of growth will slow down. Typically, after a person has achieved a healthy body composition, we program for a muscle-building phase, with a projected rate of change of 0.25-0.5% increase in total weight per month.

  • Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

    a, it is perfectly possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, often referred to as 'body remodeling'.

    This transformation relies on the combination of a calorie deficit to reduce fat deposits alongside an exercise plan that signals the body to maintain muscle mass.

    As most of our clients are new to strength training or have not trained to the same intensity as our programs, many increase their muscle mass levels at the same time as losing fat.

  • How often should I train per week?

    For the vast majority of clients, three weekly training sessions are ideal as this allows us to train each muscle group two to three times, which is optimal as this allows sufficient training volume to stimulate change.

  • What kind of meals will I eat?

    It depends on your goal, your preferences and your lifestyle. In most cases, we recommend that our clients get the majority of their food intake from high-quality, natural sources such as lean meats and protein-rich foods, a variety of carbohydrates, plenty of green, fiber-rich vegetables and healthy fats such as nuts, avocado or olive oil.

    These foods not only improve various health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity, but also increase satiety, energy levels, hormonal health and almost every other physiological process.

    However, we understand that our clients are not robots and lead their own lives. That's why our trainers work with each client individually, taking into account their unique commitments. Although certain restrictions may be necessary to achieve the goal, your trainer will work with you to find solutions and strategies that work for you.

  • What should I do after completing this 12-week transformation program?

    It depends on your starting point. For example, if you already have a relatively low body fat percentage (somewhere between 15-20% for men or 20-25% for women), you could potentially continue your training into a muscle building or maintenance phase where you set performance and body goals with your trainer.

    However, if you start with more weight loss, 12 weeks may not be enough time to achieve a healthy body composition. In this case, you may need to continue your training until you reach your goal.

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