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    Get to know us

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    Have you ever thought about trying a training with us? Then you have the ideal opportunity with our 30-day trial offer. In these 30 days you can try all our services and see what you can expect. We will guide, support and challenge you to get results before you make a commitment. Plus, you can experience what it's like to be part of the ARB Fitness family.

    Get to know us without obligation for 30 days

    Good to know

    Our 30-day trial offer is risk-free.

    The trial offer comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. This means that if you feel that our training did not benefit you, let us know and we will refund your money. This is no questions asked (well, we will ask what we can improve so we can do better). We walk our talk and want you to get comprehensive coaching experience and results before you decide to continue with us.

    We help clients achieve a strong body that you will feel good about for the long term.

    Our gym isn’t just fitness or nutrition coaching, it’s change you can do and results you can see. We get it. Gyms can be intimidating and fitness isn’t always fun. We also know you’re busy and training hard can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why at ARB Fitness we hear you and customize things to move at your pace, with your preferences, and adjust to your needs. Some programs move too fast – because they don’t care if you’re overwhelmed. Some programs move too slow – because they don’t listen to the feedback. And other programs just never feel right – because they aren’t customized. We adjust your training, nutrition, habits, based on limiting factors and guide you to your goal. We understand that the only way to change your body is to stay consistent and for that you can’t be on cookie cutter training and nutrition coaching. We help clients win and take control of their fitness, nutrition, and habits.

    Why you should try the 30-day trial offer

    We know that sometimes it's hard to fit fitness into a busy schedule. Between careers, families, and social lives, it's hard to carve out time for yourself. Before you start, many of our clients struggle with half-hearted workouts at the gym and don't know what to do with their training and nutrition. Others have achieved some results but can't seem to get past the dreaded "plateau," feeling stuck and unable to figure out what's keeping them from achieving the body they want. Some find that they subsequently fall out of the habit altogether. Still others have never been to the gym because they aren't sure what to do when they get there and because they don't have a supportive environment to succeed. As the years go by, they slowly stop recognizing their body. The checkup at the doctor becomes a discouraging event because of failed fitness resolutions. They have less confidence in their relationships and less energy for their careers and families. That's why we started ARB Fitness to help people efficiently and sustainably achieve a powerful and strong body that you will feel good about in the long run.

    Sounds good? That's why you should think about doing something for yourself and your health.


    Why do we offer this 30-day trial offer?

    We believe that we can infect you with the fitness virus and you will feel the benefits of coordinated training within a short period of time. At the very least, we know we can provide you with a great experience that will increase your fitness, performance and nutrition goals and show you how much fun a workout can be.

    Important; Each month we have a limited availability of spots for the 30 day get to know program so we can make sure you have a great experience. So if you are interested in becoming a member, NOW is the time to act.

    Got Questions?

    E-mail us at  or give us a ring at 075 424 02 64. You can also always set up a time to come visit us in person.

    Look forward to meeting you as you walk through the doors at ARB Fitness.

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