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    Small Group Personal Training

    Small groups
    Personal Training
    in a motivating

    Our offer "personal training in small groups" combines all the advantages of personal training such as individual support and high training intensity with the fun and motivation of a group training. A maximum of 6 people per small group creates a very familiar atmosphere. Together, yet individually supervised, we can increase our energy level, work on muscle building and fat loss as well as soft tissue optimization.

    Our services

    • Supervised workouts
    • Max 6 participants with 1 personal coach
    • 55 minutes per session
    • Monthly training adjustments
    • Individually periodized training plan
    • Shake and towel included
    Small Group Personal Training

    Good to know

    The validity of the subscription is deliberately limited and should motivate you to come regularly to the training. Because only with constant training you can achieve progress! Of course we fully understand that sometimes something can come up (vacation, business trips, illness,..), so all our subscriptions are equipped with enough "buffer time". The validity period of the different subscriptions can all be found here:


    Small Group Training: Cheap Alternative to Personal Training

    Small group personal training offers a whole range of advantages, disadvantages are actually none. With approximately the same level of supervision, the price of small group personal training is many times lower than conventional personal training, since the hour is shared with other participants. Nevertheless, the personal training in the group is individual and targeted with an individual training plan.

    Our small group personal training includes many services

    Nutrition and lifestyle tips are as much a part of the service as a monthly body fat measurement to accurately gauge training progress. Largely flexible scheduling, a fresh towel and a refreshing shake with each session are a given at ARB Fitness. You can also train in groups specific to your sport, a professional coach or trainer monitors the correct execution of all exercises, just as with personal training.

    Fitness group training with certified personal trainers

    Whether individually or in a group: At ARB Fitness you will be supervised exclusively by certified personal trainers. Whether it's targeted strength training to improve performance or support after rehab, with semi-private personal training in a small group we cut corners on price but not on quality.

    Small group trial subscription* 10 weeks, 20 credits

    You always wanted to try our small group personal training or you can't imagine it?

    Then book our small group personal training subscription now:

    • 20 trainings with your individual plans (for CHF 34.95 per hour instead of over CHF 55)
    • Train in every hour with your personal trainer (which you share with max. 5 participants)
    • Towel service and shake included with every workout
    • Nutrition and lifestyle guide included
    • Body fat measurement at the beginning and at the end
    • Book your lesson flexible from 14 hours per week

    *Offer is only valid for KPT new customers and returning customers and can be booked from 01.05.23 to 09.07.23.

    This is how you start with us

    First contact
    You register with us for a free consultation or directly for a trial training.
    During the consultation/test training we can discuss together how we can help you and you can get a first impression of the studio.

    Initial check
    If you decide to train with us, an initial check-up will follow. Here we fill out a health questionnaire together, make a body analysis, define your goals and determine how you can achieve them most efficiently. Furthermore, we do various structural mobility and stability tests and see what makes sense for you in terms of time and budget. Afterwards we will create your individual training plans.

    Regular Check Ups
    Regular check ups provide a sense of achievement and new motivation. You will get new training plans every 3-4 weeks to make steady progress and to set new stimuli.

    Book a free consultation

    Training hours

    Monday 09.00 and 18.00
    Tuesday 09.00, 12.00 and 19.00
    Wednesday 09.00 and 12.00
    Thursday 09.00, 12.00 and 18.00 hrs
    Friday 09.00, 12.00 and 18.30
    Saturday 09.00

    Small Group Personal Training

    In 12 weeks, you'll wish

    you had started today.

    Book a trial now

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