Personal training for individual fitness goals in Zug and the surrounding area
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    Personal Training

    Our Personal
    Training for individual
    Fitness goals

    You want to get started and are looking for a personal trainer who will accompany and support you? At the beginning of a personal training - at least at ARB Fitness - it's always about your personal goals. Of course you want to increase your fitness and improve your posture, reduce body fat and build muscle mass instead. But we want to know more in our free introductory meeting and create individual training plans that are geared precisely to your goals.

    Our services

    • 1:1 training with your trainer
    • Towel
    • EAA and Whey Protein Shake
    • Individual periodized training plan
    • Lifestyle & body fat analysis
    Personal Training

    Good to know

    For personal training for two, the price is 75% per person. The entrance check is a prerequisite for the personal training. Frequently asked questions and answers about training can be found here:


    ARB Fitness with the extra in equipment and know-how

    You can expect a state-of-the-art premium gym with probably the best fitness equipment in the region, our exclusive equipment and a highly efficient training methodology allow for fast and sustainable training success. Good to know: All training plans are written individually for each client, and the training is then guided by one of our experienced coaches.

    What makes our personal fitness training so special

    Our understanding of personal training is maximum individualization. Therefore the Initial check with various measurements and tests at the start of your training with us is the very first prerequisite. A health questionnaire enables us to make a broad assessment of your requirements, while a mobility check and fat measurement supplement your information with objective fitness data. As a result of the initial check, you will receive initial tips on lifestyle optimization and individual training plans, which are adjusted to your current status every 3-4 weeks. In addition, various hands-on training techniques help to release your tension and individual blockages.

    Your advantages at ARB Fitness

    Benefit from the top sports know-how and the experience of former top athletes at ARB Fitness. Our training is recognized by the health insurance, we offer flexible appointments between 6 am and 10 pm. Free parking in front of and sanitary facilities in the studio are a matter of course for us, progress in training is shown regularly. Look forward to the next training, shake and Tüechli (included in every training) are already waiting for you!

    This is how you start with us

    First contact
    You register with us for a free consultation or directly for the initial check.

    Here we can discuss together how we can help you and you can get a first impression of the studio.

    Entrance check
    Together we fill out a health questionnaire, do a body analysis, define your goals and determine how you can achieve them most efficiently. We also do various structural mobility and stability tests and see what makes sense for you in terms of time and budget.

    Regular Check Ups
    Regular check ups provide a sense of achievement and new motivation. You will receive new training plans every 3 weeks to make steady progress and to set new stimuli.

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    Personal Training

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    you had started today.

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