• Nutritional Counseling

    Nutritional counseling

    How training plans

    and nutrition plans

    Nutritional counseling is the most important component of personal training, along with training. Because one does not work without the other. It starts with simple body fat measurement and leads into holistic lifestyle management that includes recovery and stress management as well as sleep optimization. Nutritional counseling and exercise merge into a functional approach. However, we also provide nutrition-only consultations upon request.

    Our services

    • Lifestyle and body fat analysis
    • Individual nutrition plan
    • Individual supplement recommendation
    • Sleep, hormone and stress optimization
    Nutritional Counseling

    Anina Back is an expert in sports and preventive nutrition

    Benefit from our know-how and expertise in nutritional counseling: Our personal counseling identifies nutritional bottlenecks in your body and offers solutions to improve your performance and enhance your quality of life. We create a personal nutrition plan that supports your training successes in the best possible way.

    From body fat measurement
    to lifestyle management

    First we will analyze your body composition. The results provide information about your body fat percentage and the distribution of fat on your body. The data will then be evaluated and prioritized. This allows conclusions to be drawn about your hormone balance. The system is based on the fact that body fat distribution is hormonal. This means that where you primarily store body fat indicates a certain problem. This has a crucial impact on progress in terms of body fat reduction, muscle building and performance. Body fat measurement is fast, uncomplicated, painless and very efficient. An ideal tool to record your progress in numbers. Body fat measurement is an integral part of our training support.

    Health and performance through training and nutrition

    Health and performance rest on the pillars of training and nutrition: We at ARB Fitness accompany you in both disciplines and bring them together optimally for you.

    Nutritional Counseling

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