Burn - as many calories as possible
  • Burn – the ultimate group training

    Burn - the ultimate group workout

    Burn fat,

    define your
    body and get
    so fit

    The Burn subscription gives you access to four different group training sessions (Power Shift, Turbo, Core & Curve, Weekend Hiit) over five days. These intensive courses aim to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time, boost your metabolism and maximize fat burning. They also promote strength, endurance, speed and coordination. Training in a group is also motivating and fun.

    Our services

    • 45-60 minute training sessions
    • Burn - Turbo
    • Burn - Weekend Hiit
    • Burn - Core & Curve
    • Burn - Power Shift
    • New workouts every month
    • Professional trainers
    • Fun, sweat and motivation in the group
    Burn – the ultimate group training

    Please note

    The subscription is very limited. Thus, we can offer participants an exclusive and professionally supervised training.

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    What can I expect from Burn Training?

    In our Burn group classes, participants can expect a dynamic and energizing workout experience designed to take physical fitness to the next level. These classes are specifically designed to support a wide range of fitness goals, from increasing endurance and strength to improving flexibility and promoting fat burning. Let yourself be surprised, you certainly haven't experienced a workout like this before.

    Burn - Power Shift

    This class focuses on improving power, strength, speed and flexibility - combined with a good dose of hypertrophy. Experience lots of dynamics paired with classic movements: a high-intensity training stimulus!

    Burn - Turbo

    The short, intensive sports session in the evening after work! 45 minutes to boost your metabolism and burn fat to the max: a full-body workout with light weights, sprint units or circuit training - just go full throttle

    Burn - Core & Curve

    The Burn "Core & Curve" is a specialized 60-minute workout that focuses on toning the abdomen, legs and bottom. Through the use of weights and equipment, the workout aims to effectively combat problem areas and shape a harmonious body form. In a motivating environment, you work on a toned stomach, sculpted legs and a firm bottom.

    Burn - Weekend Hiit

    Better than any energy drink or coffee in the morning! The Weekend Burn class is guaranteed to give you enough energy for the day. Varied & intensive strength training with different weights. In summer and when the weather is nice, the class takes place outside in front of the studio. Training and sun, what more could you want?

    Current training times

    Monday19:00 - 20:00Burn- Power Shift
    Tuesday18:00 -19:00Burn - Turbo
    Wednesday18:00 - 19:00Burn - Core & Curve
    Friday17:00 - 18:00Burn - Power Shift
    Saturday 11:00 am - 12:00 pmBurn - Weekend Hiit
    Burn – the ultimate group training

    In 12 weeks, you'll wish

    you had started today.

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