Why routines are important and how we can establish them

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Why routines are important and how we can establish them

Routines are habitual actions that simplify and structure our everyday lives. In addition,
routines save time - things that we do automatically can be done more quickly and efficiently

But how can we establish routines?
Again and again you hear that you develop a routine if you do it for 21 days at a stretch
. That may be true for some people - but not for others. To develop a routine
there is therefore only one way: persevere and play through the routine again and again until it has become internalised
and you no longer have to think about it.
Routines always work according to a certain pattern, which is divided into three stages. The
first stage is the trigger. The trigger is followed by the action and then the reward.

Would you like to make fascia training on the Blackroll part of your routine? Then
for example, turning on the TV could be your trigger, exercising on the Blackroll while watching TV
could be your action and the reward would be the loosened adhesions in the treated

Write down your new routine and follow it every day. It takes patience, but it will be rewarded
- your new routine will make many things easier.