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Body Reset Program


Do you already have the figure you feel comfortable in?

Our Body Reset programme is a 12 week programme that focuses on YOU. We work closely together to bring your hormonal balance and body awareness in line and your health to the next level. The result is a stunning body that you feel good in and that doesn't just glow from the outside. The coaching sessions take place online, regardless of location. The training can be done independently or you can book the VIP package and work together exclusively and individually.

Our services

Weekly Call
Nutrition Guide & Shopping Planner

Platform with video tutorial
Individual training plan

Supplements and accessories

Body Reset Program

The Body Reset programme is an online group programme. That means you can join no matter where you live. Together with a fixed group of women, I will guide you step by step back to your best shape for 12 weeks.

Your online training plan will be sent to you by email and you can do it yourself at home or in the studio.

The next Body Reset program will start again in spring 2023. 

Group coaching:

Location: Online, independent of location
Time: Weekly fixed calls
Price: CHF 2,000
Duration: 12 weeks

Body Reset VIP

You don't want to wait for the Body Reset group programme to start and would like to have my Body Reset Coaching exclusively and individually tailored to you?

VIP Coaching:

Location: On-site in Cham or online, independent of location
Time: Weekly flexible appointments/calls
Price: on request
Duration: 12 weeks

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • Do you have cellulite or water retention?
  • Are you often tired and exhausted?
  • Do you have menstrual cramps or PMS
  • Are you plagued by hair loss or acne?
  • Are you often ravenously hungry?
  • Are mood swings affecting your life?
  • Is your fat mostly on your stomach, hips and thighs?
  • Or is it digestive issues that are bothering you?
  • You've tried a lot of things and nothing has helped?

Then I can help you. With my knowledge I stand by your side and give you the courage to get your problems under control. 

What are you waiting for?

  • On boarding incl. body fat measurement, padlet access, target definition
  • Weekly call about nutrition, detoxification etc.
  • Platform with video tutorials so you can watch everything discussed again and again
  • Individual training plan, nutrition guide and shopping planner
  • Individual detoxification plan 
  • Support from experts
  • Weekly Q+A for all questions
  • Conclusion incl. body fat measurement and before/after comparison

During these 12 weeks, we will help you achieve a new body image and impart a lot of knowledge about nutrition, detoxification and training so that you make measurable progress. You will learn what you can do against cellulite and co. and get more energy and performance in everyday life. We will get you in top shape and you will get to know your body in a completely new way during this time.

The procedure

  1. Sport and exercise
    Training plan, nutritional basics and guidance, shopping list and recipes 
  2. Nutrition + vital substances
    Training plan, elimination nutrition and intestinal stabilisation, tools for cellulite and connective tissue
  3. Detoxification + hormone balance
    Training plan, intestinal rebuilding and cleansing, reintroduction of elimination nutrition.
  4. Routines for mental + physical well-being
    Training plan, liver detoxification and vital substances, mindset and routines for everyday life

In 12 weeks you'll wish you had started today. Book your free consultation for the Body Reset programme now.

Book a free consultation now

In 12 weeks, you'll wish you had started today.

Book your free consultation now.